This service is for those who want an extra pair of eyes to catch errors and put a final polish on prose. We comb through your paper multiple times searching for and correcting any grammatical and punctuation errors. We recommend this for pieces that are in the final stages of preparation.


Line Editing

You’ve come up with a plan and completed a few drafts, but can’t put your finger on exactly what’s missing to achieve perfection. With the Line Editing service, we go through your document line by line editing for clarity, cohesion and style. Please specify the style you would like us to use: APA, Chicago, MLA or Associated Press, as applicable.


Developmental Editing

Development editing is for those writers looking for a more thorough revision of their piece. We will point out discrepancies, identify themes and main points and help arrange your ideas. We also may contact you via email or telephone to clarify details and help you work through the process.