How does this process work?
When you process your order online, you will be able to upload and submit your document immediately on our website. Depending on the time frame you requested, we will get to work as soon as possible, editing it in the manner you indicated (proofreading only, line editing or developmental editing). We will use a tracking program that will highlight the changes in the document, allowing you the freedom to accept or reject any changes we have made. Your document will be emailed back to you as an attachment within the timeframe you requested.

We will also send you a version of your document that has all the edits “accepted” so you can see what it would read like with all the changes. This is sometimes an easier first glance than the version with the tracking on it.

What if I need to talk to you about changes, or reach you while you are in the middle of editing my piece?
Go to the “contact us” section on the web page and fill out a form and we will respond within the business day. You can also send an email to info@youreditingsolutions.com or call 813 482 8950 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. E.T.

How does the pricing work?
You choose the plan that works for you, and the time frame you need. The time period for processing begins from the time we receive your copy, for which you will have an instant email notification. You pay at the time you submit your paper based on your word count, as the pricing reflects the average number of words that can be edited in an hour.

For example, the proofreading service reflects a reading rate of 1,500 words per hour. If you send a document that is about 3,000 words, you will be billed for two hours. Line and substantive editing takes more time, and pricing reflects roughly 1,000 words an hour.

How do I know my material will stay private?
We will have a confidentiality clause at the bottom of your online agreement.